G Composites is a young company. It was formally established as an independent organization at the beginning of 2015. Despite that, G as a personal brand had existed since 2004.Starting as a small private workshop G Composites was created by Michał Staszewski aka Godza.

Since young age Michał was involved in all sort of (mainly) water and wind powered sports, usually on a competitive level. His skill in constructing and family background in composite technology always made him question the quality and performance of his own gear.It could always be better.Long time has passed and many tons or resin got processed since his first carbon fiber skateboard.

Today G Composites is still a family company dedicated to perfecting the design and construction of performance-driven composites. Although nowadays not all projects arise from Michałs invention, he still is the person behind bringing them to live.While the company keeps on serving as a Research and Development provider for other companies that require quality solutions for composite products, in year 2018 it became available for private users with a growing range of its own products.



Building a company and building a brand is a tough task. Only the one who tried to launch nearly as complex project with success would know. There were and will be many friends, family members and good business associates involved in the growth of G Composites. Many teachers and employers, universities and student organizations had an impact. 

And we find it very important to remember that when you were given an opportunity of success, you should always give one back. To be most effective G Composites is helping student organizations form the nearby Gdańsk University of Technology in designing, and building their vehicles and machines that participate in international competitions.And for those that are out there with no direct access to our support we are preparing a series of articles that will help than understand and use hi-end composite materials and solutions.

Team G Composites

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