We are on board. We care.


It's no secret that humanity is facing a challenge. A challenge like never before.
And all of our environmental problems can't be solved with a single idea or a single effort.
To make this work we all need to take part. 
Everybody, the consumers, small and large business owners and big corporations need to take action to the best of their abilities.
We want you to know that we are on board. We care.
As much as we would like to plant trees, clean landscapes and filter water, we need to make choices that are realistic and sustainable, so that we can grow on them and make a real long-lasting change. So we planned and implemented many large and small improvements inside our company and we wish for them to be and inspiration for you too.  
We made a plan. A plan that will grow.

Reduce, Reuse, Educate.
Here are some examples of our actions so far:


Any kind of production produces waste, ours is no different. But not all waste is equal and not all waste is necessary. We have taken complex steps to reduce the amount of waste that our production processes generates. 
This means rethinking many products and procedures. 
Modifications as small as saving one pair of latex gloves per day were a way to start.

  • Later we changed production methods for some components, so that we can make only as much as we need and no more, as unused components ultimately become waste.
  • Also we managed to change some materials from hard to decompose to biodegradable ones. This also means saving energy.
  • Both our workshop and office are now switched to LED lighting which is energy efficient and provides best possible visual environment for people.
  • Many of our heat using machines were insulated so that they need less energy to heat up and maintain temperature.
  • Next comes the packaging. Every item has to be packaged in some way. The most unfriendly scenario for the environment is when the goods get damaged in transportation or during storage. In such case all the materials and energy invested in the production become a waste.
    But we can be smart about our packaging.
  • We use modular recycled-cardboard boxes. This way we don't need to keep and order too many shapes and sizes.
  • Also we quit wrapping all of our packages in stretch wrap as it is no longer necessary.

It's hard to reuse materials in a workshop, however there are some improvements that can be applied in any environment and here are some of them:

  • We collect and reuse packaging materials that we receive with our orders.
    This means: boxes, pallets, bubble wrap, air bags and similar materials.
  • Inside the workshop we switched white paper towels to a 100% recycled ones that can be tun into compost afterwards.
  • Also as an alternative for some workers we use regular cotton towels that are frequently washed.
  • Sometimes we are left with some production materials that are no longer suitable for use, because there s to little of it or they were needed only for a very specific project. We donate those materials to local university students so that they can use them for learning and building their own projects.

We do our best to let our workers know how and why we are doing this.
We educate university students on how to reduce production waste and how to organize efficient procedures.
And what's most important we want you, our clients to know that we are making an effort, and that this effort will continue.
We invite you to join us in this effort.
We will continue this quest and provide info on what we accomplished, so that you may use it as a ready-to-implement ideas or as an inspiration for your own work!


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